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Wind vane sensor

One of the sensors for the IOM SKA Autonomous model sailboat is the windvane. It is a crucial sensor because the sail adjustments will be done based on the input of this sensor. In the future even all the navigational logic will be based on this sensor (to tack or not to tack?). Therefore the actual wind direction will be calculated to predict the possible courses for example. But again, this is something for the future. First things first.


Gooseneck sensor

In my previous article about the autonomous sailboat I mentioned the sensors that need to be used as input for the Arduino to make decisions based on the logic that will be programmed. One of the sensors will be the gooseneck sensor to detect in what angle the boom is in related to the longitudinal axis of the boat. This post will explain my solution which certainly is not the only solution but is a very effective one. (more…)